Below are key resources for educators to use now as they prepare for and start the 2020-21 school year.

Templates for Teachers and Families

  1. Virtual Daily Lesson Plan (Download)
  2. Virtual Daily Lesson Plan: Early Grades (Download)
  3. Weekly At-A-Glance Lesson Plans (Download)
  4. Sample Student Schedules (PDFs) (Templates)
  5. Sample Teacher Schedules (PDFs) (Templates)

Instructional Strategies

  1. Instructional Strategies for Virtual Learning: A Companion Tool to the NIET Teaching Standards Rubric (View)
  2. Video: Building Success Criteria in a Virtual Learning Environment (Watch)
  3. Planning for the Recovery of Standards and Content (Download)
  4. Maximizing Accessibility for Diverse Learners (Download)
  5. To Do's for Today's Virtual Teaching (View)
  6. Full length classroom videos and strategies for supporting aspiring teachers during COVID-19 (View)

Communications and District Resources

  1. Templates: Social Media Graphics for 2020-21
    (Download the In-Person/Virtual Learning Plan Graphic and Download the Key Dates Social Media Graphic)
  2. Template: Family Guide to Support Remote Learning (Download)
  3. 2020-21 School Year Guide (View)
  4. Leveraging Instructional Staff to Support Continuity of Learning for Students (Download)