Current Partner Schools

The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) continues to refine and enhance the support it provides to partner schools. 

  • The TAP System Training Portal is an interactive web tool that provides individualized TAP trainings and support. TAP career, mentor and master teachers, along with district and state TAP leaders, will have real-time access to the latest TAP trainings that they can download, review and deliver to teachers in order to improve instruction. The portal includes a TAP Strategies Library; a TAP Video Library; TAP Documents; TAP Training Modules; TAP Summer Institute and Conference Trainings; TAP Evaluation Process templates, research and reports; TAP Professional Development tools; and TAP CORE Trainings.
  • Equally as powerful, the EE PASS Portal also contains a wealth of information and valuable trainings right at your fingertips. 
  • Learn about what impact fellow partner schools are making across the country by viewing the Impact and In the News sections.
  • Check out events in TAP Conferences/Trainings to get the latest information on our annual National TAP Conferences, TAP Summer Institutes and regional trainings.