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Free District Opportunity by April 15: Build Teacher Capacity with Instructional Framework

Iowa has selected an instructional framework for statewide use to help schools develop a common language on what excellent teaching looks like and build teacher capacity. Beginning in the 2019 school year, districts can opt in, on a free and voluntary basis, to use the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) Iowa Instructional Framework System. The opportunity is open to 100 districts, and the deadline to register is April 15.

niet school improvement solutions flyer cover

NIET School Improvement Solutions

Based on two decades of on-the-ground experience working with high-need schools and districts across the country, NIET launched a School Improvement Solutions model to accommodate local needs. NIET engages all partners on a needs assessment, then works shoulder to shoulder with them to develop a plan that incorporates proven principles that lead to positive change in schools: instructional excellence, collaborative learning, reflective culture and collective leadership. NIET provides tailored support throughout the partnership, creating coherence among these elements that accelerates teacher and student growth.

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Teacher Leadership Series

The NIET Teacher Leadership Series is an affordable, on-site training solution that empowers teachers to leverage instructional expertise, make data-driven decisions, create collaborative partnerships and advocate for the profession. The five-part series helps schools, districts and states put teacher leadership at the center of efforts to improve instruction and retention, accelerate learning and keep the best teachers in the classroom where they're needed the most.

niet educator effectiveness services resources catalog cover

NIET Educator Effectiveness Services and Resources Catalog

The NIET Educator Effectiveness Services and Resources Catalog outlines NIET's range of powerful resources, trainings and technical assistance to help build systems to advance teacher and school leader effectiveness. NIET helps its partners build local capacity and systems to continually improve instruction through nationally recognized services. These include on-site training and support as well as web-based resources for teacher and school leader development, evaluator certification and data management.

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TAP Brochure

The TAP brochure offers information about the TAP System's goals, elements and proven results in raising student achievement across a diverse set of urban, suburban and rural schools throughout the country. It also provides ways in which individuals, foundations and corporations can partner with the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching to advance educator effectiveness in their communities and beyond.


When Teachers Thrive, Students Achieve

When Teachers Thrive, Students Achieve details how TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement works, offers key facts and stats on its impact, and highlights projects in Iowa, Minnesota and Tennessee.


NIET Educator Effectiveness Best Practices Brochure

The NIET Educator Effectiveness Best Practices Brochure offers an overview of NIET's services in educator evaluation, professional development, teacher leadership and performance-based compensation as well as ways to get involved.

niet ee pass portal flyer

EE PASS Portal Flyer

Unlock educator support with EE PASS, NIET's Educator Effectiveness Preparation and Support System. Learn more about the portal's services, including video training, data management and evaluator certification.

tap implementation handbook cover

TAP Implementation Handbook

The TAP Implementation Handbook is an introductory planning tool for site-level or district-level implementation of TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement. It contains the “nuts and bolts” of the items and issues to consider in beginning the planning process of TAP. In addition to the planning items and issues highlighted,
the handbook also includes recommended timelines for development and essential steps for implementation.

tap evaluation and compensation tec guide cover

TAP Evaluation and Compensation Guide

The TAP Evaluation and Compensation (TEC) Guide provides schools with a framework and instruments to implement TAP’s Instructionally Focused Accountability and Performance-Based Compensation systems. This guide serves as a partner resource to the TAP Implementation Handbook. It is intended to help schools measure master, mentor and career teacher performance, and then pay teachers according to their skills, knowledge, responsibilities and student achievement gains. It provides recommendations for calculating and distributing performance-based compensation (payouts and stipends) in the most equitable manner. In addition to the information contained within this guide, the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) provides detailed trainings and workshops designed for schools or districts implementing TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement.

tap system portal brochure

TAP System Portal Brochure

The TAP System Portal brochure provides an overview of the portal's features--including the extensive TAP Strategies Database and Video Library--as well as information about how to sign up.

niet district communications toolkit cover

NIET District Communications Toolkit

The toolkit offers starting points for NIET partners in sharing the message of their good work and contribute to the conversation around the value advancing educator effectiveness. Teachers, principals, district officials and others on the ground can have a powerful impact on sustaining and scaling up these reforms.

tap logo guidelines manual cover

TAP Logo Guidelines Manual

The TAP Logo Guidelines Manual provides instructions on how to correctly use the various versions of the TAP logo in print, online media and for other branding purposes.